Nicholas A. Allen

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Previous position at VT: PhD student, 2001-05.

Research Pages: JigCell: a problem solving environment


Ph.D. 2005 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, Computer Science and Application.
M.S. 2001 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, Mathematics and Computer Science.
B.S. 1999 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, majors in Mathematics and Computer Science, minor in English Literature.


Panning, T.D., Watson, L.T., Allen, N.A., Chen, K.C., Shaffer, C.A., and Tyson, J.J. (2008). Deterministic parallel global parameter estimation for a model of the budding yeast cell cycle. J Glob Optim 40:719-738.
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Allen, N. A., Chen, K. C., Shaffer, C. A., Tyson, J. J. and Watson, L. T. (2006). Computer evaluation of network dynamics models with application to cell cycle control in budding yeast. IEE Proc Syst Biol (Stevenage) 153:13-21.
Vass, M. T., Allen, N. A., Shaffer, C. A., Ramakrishnan, N., Watson, L. T. and Tyson, J. J. (2004). The Jigcell model builder and run manager. Bioinformatics 20:3680-3681.
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Allen, N.A., Calzone, L., Chen, K.C., Ciliberto, A., Ramakrishnan, N., Shaffer, C.A., Sible, J.C., Tyson, J.J., Vass, M.T., Watson, L.T. and Zwolak, J.W. (2003). Modeling regulatory networks at Virginia Tech. OMICS 7:285-299.
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Allen, N.A., Shaffer, C.A., Ramakrishnan, N., Vass, M.T., and Watson, L.T. (2003). Improving the development process for eukaryotic cell cycle models with a modeling support environment. Simulation. 79:674-688.
Allen, N. A., Schaffer, C. A., and Watson, L. T. (2005). Building modeling tools that support verification, validation, and testing for domain expert. Preceedings of th 2005 Winter Simulation Conference. p. 419-426 : Society for Computer Simulation International. M. E. Kuhl, N. M. Steiger, F. B. Armstrong, and J. A. Joines, eds.