Rajat Singhania

Bioinformatics Programmer LifeLabsGenetics.com 175 Galaxy Blvd., Toronto, ON Canada M9W 0C9 Email: rajat.singhania@lifelabs.com
Tel: 647-631-4325

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Previous positions at VT: PhD student, 2005-11; Project Assoc., May-Dec 2011.

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Current Research Interests

My first research project in the lab involved building a so-called "hybrid model" of mammalian cell cycle control. Purely discrete (Boolean-based) models that represent the activation or inactivation of proteins in regulatory networks are too crude, whereas purely continuous (ODEs-based) are both hard to parameterize and relatively difficult to build. The hybrid model, which uses ODEs for cyclins that contain Boolean variables to represent cyclin regulators, has been able to successfully simulate flow cytometry data from colon carcinoma cells. This work shall be submitted for publication very soon!!

These days I am working on another project which involves finding 3-node regulatory motifs that display a certain characteristic behavior, such as signal adaptation. This work shall be submitted for publication a few months before my expected graduation in May 2010.


Ph.D. 2011 Virginia Tech, Genomics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.
B.S. 2005 Virginia Tech, Computer Science.

Professional Experience

Jan-Nov 2012 Research Fellow, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Medical Center, OH.
Summer 2007 Internship at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA.

Conference Proceedings

Singhania, R., Jacobberger, J.W., and Tyson J.J. (2009). A Hybrid Model of the Mammalian Cell Cycle. Computational Cell Biology Meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. March 24-27, 2009. Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.
Singhania, R., Jacobberger, J.W., and Tyson J.J. (2008). A Hybrid Model of the Mammalian Cell Cycle. Frontiers of Applied and Computational Mathematics. May 19-21, 2008. Newark, N.J.


Singhania, R., Sramkoski, R.M., Jacobberger, J.W., and Tyson, J.J. (2011). A hybrid model of mammalian cell cycle regulation. PLoS Comput Biol 7: e1001077.
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Having had the taste of the systems biology industry in summer of 2007 when I interned at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, a private company based in Cambridge, Mass., I am positively inclined to contribute in a niche position in the "real world". The internship itself was a very positive experience. I like to apply myself to real world problems; hopefully, I will be able to play a positive role in this industry in the years to come.

After earning my doctorate in May or August of 2010, my first major personal goal will to be release my debut video on YouTube for my 3rd rap song called "Make Me Complete". Yes, as hard as it may sound, I love to rap in my free time, and have already been to the studio twice to record a couple of songs which were well received by fans and critics alike (no kidding!).

Other interests include writing romantic poetry in Hindi, traveling, watching many sports (both on TV and at the venue), playing tennis, chess and other sports, acting, and reading a good novel every now and then. Watching good movies and listening to good music of any genre could qualify as interests too :).