Sandip Kar

Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry, India Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076, India Email: Tel: +022-2576-7193 Fax: +022-2576-7152

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Previous position at VT: Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007-10.

Research Pages: Tyson Lab JigCell

Current Research Interests

For the past 2 years I worked in the field of Stochastic Cell Cycle modeling in the group of Prof. Tyson. Our aim was to construct a stochastic model for the eukaryotic cell cycle. Before developing the stochastic model for the full cell cycle, we were trying to develop the same for a simple three variable generic cell cycle model. First we developed a stochastic model of the start transition of the generic cell cycle (JTB, 2008). Then we worked on developing a simple deterministic model of the full generic cell cycle which can be easily analyzed stochastically. We tried to quantify the effect of different sources of noise present in the overall process of the cell cycle. In the mean time I also tried to develop better computational method to simulate such complex systems (PNAS, 2009).

Recently we are trying to construct a better deterministic version of the Fission Yeast cell cycle model. Earlier attempts to model this system highly rely on the Michaelis-Menten and Hill type of kinetic terms with very high values of hill coefficient. Our focus is to model this system in terms of mass action kinetic terms keeping the basic dynamical features (bifurcation diagram, time profiles of the various proteins during the cell cycle, etc.) of the system intact. With this kind of deterministic model, one can easily perform the stochastic simulations if required.


Ph.D. 2006 Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Jadavpur University, INDIA, Chemistry.
M.S. 2001 University of Calcutta, INDIA, Chemistry.
B.S. 1999 University of Calcutta, INDIA, Chemistry.


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Sandip is a fun loving guy and always craves to do something new. He loves to explore different things. He hopes to follow the footsteps of some of the great people whom he met during his short career. He would like to thank God for blessing him with loving parents who always inspired him. He is enjoying a happy married life with Nilanjana. He believes that Life is full of happiness ever since he met her. He is a proud father too. Tanushka, a gift of God to him, has changed his life altogether. His hobbies are playing cricket,soccer,table-tennis, badminton, chess (which makes Nilanjana mad!) and singing.