Tom D. Panning

Systems Architect Next Century Corporation 7075 Samuel Morse Drive, Suite 250, Columbia, MD 21046 Email:

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Previous position at VT: MS student, 2004-06.

Research Pages: JigCell: a problem solving environment. PET: a parameter estimation toolkit.


M.S. 2006 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, Computer Science
B.S. 2003 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, major in Computer Science, minors in Mathematics and Biology.


Panning, T.D., Watson, L.T., Allen, N.A., Chen, K.C., Shaffer, C.A., and Tyson, J.J. (2008). Deterministic parallel global parameter estimation for a model of the budding yeast cell cycle. J Glob Optim 40:719-738.
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Panning, T.D., Watson, L.T., Shaffer, C.A., and Tyson, J.J. (2007). A mathematical programming formulation for the budding yeast cell cycle. Simulation 8:497-514.
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