Modeling the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle

Predictions (v):

Mutant GAL-CLB5-db∆ cells have problems in relicensing their origin of replication, because Clb5 activity remains high after mitosis. This defect can be compensated by overproduction of Sic1, but not Cdc6.

Genotype Phenotype



GAL-CLB5-db∆ 2X SIC1




Inviable, inefficient origin licensing
(Jacobson et al., 2000).

Viable, size similar to WT (prediction).

Viable, size bigger than GAL-CLB5-db∆ 2XSIC1 (prediction).

Still inviable (prediction).

  • GAL-CLB5-db∆ mutant shows problems in re-licensing.

  • GAL-CLB5-db∆ is inviable but can be saved by extra copies of genomic SIC1 (or by GAL-SIC1)

  • Over-expression of CDC6 cannot rescue the inviability of GAL-CLB5-db∆

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