Modeling the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle

CLB2-db∆ multicopy SIC1


Change of parameters: kdb2p=0, kdb2"=0.03, ksc1'=0.024, ksc1"=0.24 (=2 copies).
Length of G1 phase: 53 min.
Mass at division: 2.94.


Cross, F.R. (2003). Two redundant oscillatory mechanisms in the yeast cell cycle. Dev. Cell 4:741-752.
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Experimental results: Supplementary Fig. 5. Low copy number (CEN) plasmids containing SIC1 gene controlled by its own promoter result in partial rescue of the inviability of CLB2-db∆ when grown in glucose medium, whereas high copy number (2 μ) plasmids containing SIC1 gene show strong rescue.