Generic Cell Cycle Model

Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram of the generic cell cycle regulatory network.
Here we show all the major regulatory interactions that have been proposed for different eukaryotic organisms. Solid lines - reactions, dashed lines - regulatory interactions, a protein sitting on a reaction arrow represents activation. Regulatory modules of the system are distinguished by colored backgrounds: 1 - exit of M module, 2 - Cdh1 module, 3 - CycB transcription factor, 4 - CycB synthesis/degradation, 5 - G2 module, 6 - CycB inhibiton by CKI (also introduces the binding of phosphorylated CycB, if that is present), 7 - CKI transcription factor, 8 - CKI synthesis/degradation, 9 - CycE inhibition by CKI, 10 - CycE synthesis/degradation, 11 - CycE/A transcription factor, 12 - CycA inhibition by CKI, 13 - CycA synthesis/degradation. In the name conversion table we collected the protein names of each regulator in the investigated organisms that correspond to the names used here. Open mouthed Pac-Man represents active form of regulated protein; grey rectangles behind cyclins represent their not modeled, fast binding to corresponding Cdk's. In the equations we represent preMPF = CycB-P + CKI/CycB-P signs of this figure and TriB = CKI/CycB + CKI/CycB-P.

This table tells which module was used in our simulations of different organisms.