Modeling the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle


A description of how the equations are formulated is presented in Chen et al., 2004.

Equation for growth

Equations governing cyclin-dependent kinases:

Equations governing the inhibitors of Clb-dependent kinases:

Equations governing Clb degradation machinery:

Equations for the MEN pathway:

Equations governing the phosphatases:

Equations for Pds1, Esp1 and their interaction:

Equations for DNA synthesis, budding and spindle formation:

Goldbeter Function:

Equations governing the transcription factors:

Reset Rules: 

When [Clb2] drops below as cell exits mitosis, we reset [BUD] and [SPN] to zero, and divide the mass between daughter and mother cells as follows: for daughter, and for mother, with , where D is the daughter cycle time. Lord & Wheals, 1980 found empirically that D and growth rate are related by the equation, . For a culture growing at a mass-doubling-time of 90 min, . When drops below , [ORI] is reset to 0.

Flags:  Bud emergence when, start DNA synthesis when , chromosome alignment on spindle completed when .