Modeling the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle

Budding Yeast Model


Our knowledge of molecular regulatory systems has become so thorough and detailed that we can no longer understand their integrated behavior by intuitive reasoning alone. Mathematical modeling provides a rigorous and reliable tool for analyzing complex control networks. The budding yeast cell cycle is a challenging test case for the utility of this approach:

  • The consensus picture can be described in precise mathematical terms.
  • With proper choice of parameters, the model accounts for many details of wild type and 120 out of 131 mutant cells studied in budding yeast.
  • 11 inconsistencies between model and experiments indicates aspects of the mechanism that require revision.
  • The model organizes information in a logical and comprehensible manner.
  • The model gives insight into why the control system behaves the way it does, and how its behavior depends on parameter values.
  • By predicting phenotypes of mutants, the model helps to design new experiments.
  • For downloading model equations and parameters, go to Get WINPP page.
  • For using the online simulator to test out the model, go to Simulate the model page.