Modeling the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle

Predictions (ii):

cln3∆ bck2∆ is inviable. So are the triple mutants cln3∆ bck2∆ sic1∆ and cln3∆ bck2∆ cdc6∆2-49.

Genotype Phenotype

cln3∆ bck2∆

cln3∆ bck2∆ sic1∆

cln3∆ bck2∆ cdc6∆2-49

Inviable, G1 arrest (Epstein & Cross, 1994)

Inviable (Wijnen & Futcher, 1999).

Inviable (prediction)

In all three mutants, SBF never activates, Cln2 is not synthesized. Neither SIC1 deletion nor CDC6∆2-49 can rescue the inviability of cln3∆ bck2∆.

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