Modeling the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle

Predictions (viii):

The inviability of the double mutant cdc20∆ pds1∆ can be rescued by an extra copy of genomic CDC15 or TAB6-1. Both cause more Cdc14 released from the nucleolus, thus enabling the cells to exit from mitosis even in the presence of Clb5.

Genotype Phenotype

cdc20∆ pds1∆

cdc20∆ pds1∆ TAB6-1
(or quadruple mutant, + CLB5-db∆)

cdc20∆ pds1∆ 2X CDC15

Arrests in telophase (Shirayama et al., 1999).

Viable (prediction).


Viable (prediction).

cdc20∆ pds1∆ rescued by TAB6-1 or 2X CDC15.

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