Modeling the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle

cln1∆ cln2∆ cln3∆ GAL-CLB2

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Change of parameters: ksn2'=ksn2"=0, Dn3=0, ksb2'=0.12, MDT=150.
Length of G1 phase: 292.2 min.
Arrest: G1 arrest according to our rule.


Amon, A., Irniger, S. and Nasmyth, K. (1994). Closing the cell cycle circle in yeast: G2 cyclin proteolysis initiated at mitosis persists until the activation of G1 cyclins in the next cycle. Cell 77:1037-1050.
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Experimental results: Fig.8, G1 arrest.
Comments: The time for [ORI] to reach 1 ( 292.2 min) is greater than the time for wild type cells to undergo two cell divisions in galactose medium (291.3 min).