Modeling the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle

cln1∆ cln2∆ cln3∆ multi-copy CLB5

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Change of parameters: ksn2'= ksn2"=0, Dn3=0, ksb5'=0.0016, ksb5"=0.01 (=2 copies).
Length of G1 phase: 40.6 min.
Mass at division: 10.68


Epstein, C.B. and Cross, F.R. (1992). CLB5: a novel B cyclin from budding yeast with a role in S phase. Genes Dev. 6:1695-1706.
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Experimental results: Viable. Fig. 1, a low copy number (CEN) plasmid carrying the CLB5 gene can suppress the lethality of triple-cln deletion.