Modeling the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle

cdh1∆ cdc6∆2-49

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Change of parameters: ksf6'=ksf6"=ksf6"'=0, kscdh=0, init CDH1T=CDH1=0.
Length of G1 phase: 60.2 min.
Mass at division: 1.96


Calzada, A., Sacristan, M., Sanchez, E. and Bueno, A. (2001). Cdc6 cooperates with Sic1 and Hct1 to inactivate mitotic cyclin-dependent kinases. Nature 412:355-358.
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Experimental results: Fig. 3b, the mutants are viable and larger. They show a signifant lag in mitosis. Asynchronously growing cells show a marked increase in the percent of cells with 2C DNA contents as compared with WT.
Comments: Problem for the model. The simulation predicts correctly that the mutant cells are viable, but they are smaller than wild-type and have a shorter G2 phase.